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  • Formulated with nutrients which deeply hydrates and conditions your mature or dry skin. Use it every day after washing your hands with harsh soaps to make your skin more moisturized and plum!天然桃子精华具有超强保湿作用,同时软化肌肤,改善干燥与粗燥。为手部提供水份,长时间保持皮肤光滑、柔嫩。其天然成分配方孕妇和儿童也可以安心使用

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  • Snail moisturizing hand cream repair, rich in repairing mucus, it helps to enhance skin elasticity and recovering effect. Provides skin moisture, elasticity and nutrition for damaged skin, strengthen the skin elasticity and restore skin health. children and pregnant women are available...

    RM9.90 RM18.70
  • Snail moisturizing cream repair, repair ability of snail mucus rich, to enhance skin elasticity had a significant effect.牛奶借着丰富滋养的独特优势,为手部解决干燥,脱水等问题,以无油腻的感觉为皮肤提供保护,使手部保持柔软和健康。其天然成分配方孕妇和儿童也可以安心使用。

    RM9.90 RM18.70
  • A peeling foot and heel mask that transforms your feet from rough and tough to super soft and smooth.  优秀去角质效果的特制脚膜,可直接软化足部角质而无需摩擦,同时为足部提供养份、保湿、与修护作用,使脚部变得湿润。

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  • \n一杯清爽的鸡尾酒蜜果面膜注入肌肤,果汁爆棚,唤醒肌肤活力!\nA cup of fresh fruit cocktail with a fresh skinCandied, fresh skin

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  • Moisture Soothing Gel Mist 100% Aloe Vera is an enriched aloe vera which helps your sensitive skin smooth and calming. It provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation.4 free :No Benzophenone , No Talc , No Colouring , No Mineral oil. 保湿舒缓喷雾胶内含丰富的芦荟,可以帮助全天候保湿舒缓,镇静敏感。同时促进伤口愈合,减轻皮肤发炎。也可用于晒后补水保湿、晒伤修护、舒缓干燥等

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  • Argan oil help prevent anti-aging ,excellent moisturizing skin and Brazil nut is rich in selenium  effectively cell renewal skin and improves elasticity. 摩洛哥坚果油有助於抗老化和滋润肌肤。巴西坚果含有丰富硒有效促进细胞再生和皮肤弹性。

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Showing 1 - 12 of 37 items

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