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Effectively removes dead skin and dirts, it makes skin smooth and healthy.


It is a mist product, Containing a diamond ingredient ,which helps brighten skin and
minimize the appearance of dark spots and discoloration.its also hydrate and restore
radiance, helps soothe and restore a youthful, radiant glow to skin.

它是一种含有钻石成分 的保湿美白喷雾,有效滋润,帮助舒缓,提亮肤色,减少黑
斑及暗沉 , 恢复光采,恢复青春,容光焕发皮肤。

深层紧急补水 Use as moisturizing pack

柔润妆容 Use as make up base

镇静舒缓 Calm and soothe

滋润秀发 Hair treatment

补水眼膜 Use as eye mask

晒后修复 Sunburn reliever

身体护理 Body care

美甲护理 Nail treatment

2 FOR RM 35

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