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  •    Enriched with Oligoelements , extract of Rosemary and Nettle ,it carries out a stimulating and tonifying  action .Purifies the scalp and moistures the hair bulb ,increasing the amount oxygen . 富含微量元素,迷迭香,荨麻提取物,促进和补充作用. 净化头皮和滋养毛囊,以增加氧气。

  • Formulated with nutrients which deeply hydrates and conditions your mature or dry skin. Use it every day after washing your hands with harsh soaps to make your skin more moisturized and plum!天然桃子精华具有超强保湿作用,同时软化肌肤,改善干燥与粗燥。为手部提供水份,长时间保持皮肤光滑、柔嫩。其天然成分配方孕妇和儿童也可以安心使用

  • Vegetable ingredient protects eyelash smoothly and resiliently, and makes three-dimensional curling last long. Single use-packaging makes it sanitary and easy to use. 

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  • Containing complex composition of botanical ingredients and Seaweed Extract, helps moisturized and smooth dry skin around the eye area, leaving eye are vitality and supple. Can be used as eye mask to provide intensive hydration to tired skin and relax eye area. Recommended for use at night and store in the refrigerator....

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  • *For Dry & Sensitive Skin Aloe extract can relieve moisture and PH balance the skin and after wash has comfortable skin. 芦荟萃提精华有效舒缓保湿,能平衡肌肤油脂分泌,洗后拥有舒适的肌肤。

  • *For Combination to Oily Skin Contain green tea extract gently cleansing facial, moisturizing skin and comfort and freshness. 具有绿茶提取物温和清洗脸部油脂,使皮肤保湿和滋润,用后舒缓净化肌肤。

  • Type of skin: oily and combination skin. Inspired by Nature. Contains a natural matting complex matting, green tea extract, macadamia oil, olive oil and panthenol. Mattes the skin, absorbs excess sebum and regulates the secretion. Reduces skin shine, extends the life of makeup. The skin is left well moisturized and supple. 0% parabens Green tea extract...

  • Velvety liquid forms a thick foam in the bath, and among the gifts of nature enfolds us with a soft cloud of freshness. It removes fatigue, improves mood. Offers an enjoyable lightness, moisturised skin and excellent protection thanks to a neutral pH. Oil from fine Muscat rose petals soothes and regenerates. Polyphenols in green tea preserve the skin’s...

  • Famous pure Kłodawska salt, rich in macro and microelements, such as: magnesium, potassium, zinc, iodine, calcium, iron, regenerates and refreshes the skin. Extract from Muscat rose petals improves skin's hydration, has soothing, regenerative and anti-bacterial properties. Green tea extract is a powerful antioxidant, rich in polyphenols, minerals,...

  • Sugar Scrub. Natural sugar crystals. Cleansing, care and aroma, relaxation for your body and senses. Gently exfoliates the epidermis, improves microcirculation. Smooth and soft skin. Extract of muscat rose petals soothes and moisturizes the skin, while green tea protects the skin's youthfulness. 0% parabens, silocones,SLES,SLS

Showing 25 - 36 of 78 items

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