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  • Intensive multi step foot treatment contains peeling gel and foot mask, removes dead skin cells on the feet to moisturize and smooth feet that suffer from rough and dry. 舒缓二合一足部磨砂膏同时含有足膜,提高脚底肌肤保湿,使足部肌肤舒缓压力和滋润保湿。 OUT OF STOCK

  • With the elastic fibre mud formula, it can express natural plumpy hair, with strong support without thickness and hard, totally submissive, creating freely shaping fluffy individuation hair style. 采用的弹性纤维泥配方,表现自然丰满的头发,强力支撑,无厚度,坚硬,完全柔顺,营造出光泽感特效和塑造蓬松个性的发型。

  • This moist and refreshing milk jelly mask contains milk protein extract to make skin clear and transparent s by fully nourishing and moisturizing  牛奶中富含大量的美白精华,保湿和滋润功效,有助淡化因紫外线所造成的色素沉淀,迅速改善黯哑,均匀肤色。令肌肤恢复活力紧致,明亮白皙。

  • 功效:富含多种植物护发精华,融合玫瑰精油精心研制而成,能深入渗透到毛发内部,为发丝补充多种营养成分,修复发丝受损部分,滋养干枯,修复暗淡,让秀发焕发迷人光彩。   Efficacy: rich in a variety of plant hair care essence, the fusion of rose oil carefully developed, can penetrate deep into the hair, hair for a variety of nutritional supplements to repair damaged parts of the hair, nourish dry, repair dim, so show Glow glamorous glamorous.

  • 深层紧急补水 Use as moisturizing pack 柔润妆容 Use as make up base 镇静舒缓 Calm and soothe 滋润秀发 Hair treatment 补水眼膜 Use as eye mask 晒后修复 Sunburn reliever 身体护理 Body care 美甲护理 Nail treatment2 FOR RM 35

  • • Lasting for at least 4 weeks to 5 weeks• Suitable for volume technique• Cushion effect applied• Magicball Tech applied• 1-2 seconds.• 5g

  • 1) 5 Step essential mask (Brightening, Moisturizing, Lifting) (25ml) 2) Essential Silk Mask (Chamomile, Mullberry, Hyaluronic acid) (35ml) 3) Anti-Wrinkle Face Firming Emulsion (220ml) 4) 24K Gold Collagen (50ml) (Whitening) 5) Wrinkle Touch 3 Minutes 6) White Pure Cream (50ml)7) V-Lift Beauty Contour Bar 

  • Stimulating blood circulation, reduce cellulite, detoxify and increase skin elasticity and muscle relaxation. 促进血液循环,消除脂肪,排出毒素刺激代谢和紧致松弛肌肤。

Showing 1 - 12 of 52 items