• Cream type - Crazy Quick Perfect Remover. - Easy to use 乳霜型 - 超级快完美去除睫毛。 - 使用方便

  • Cotton pads remove eye make-up and facial oil vitamin E   棉垫清除眼部化妆品和面部油。 玫瑰提取物 维生素E。

  • As a double make up remover which has oil layer and water layer with chamomile and rose extracts, thoroughly removes make ups without any irritation and keeps the skin moist and smooth.   具有天然洋甘菊和玫瑰提取物的双层温和卸妆液,无刺激地彻底清洁脸部化妆品与污垢 使肌肤洁净同时保持肌肤水润饱满。

  • Effectively removes eye and lips make up and the dirtiness of the skin. Leaves skin soft and clean, suitable for all skin type.有效的去除眼部及唇部化妆和皮肤的污垢,令肌肤柔软洁净,适合所有皮肤类型。

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