• Stimulating blood circulation, reduce cellulite, detoxify and increase skin elasticity and muscle relaxation. 促进血液循环,消除脂肪,排出毒素刺激代谢和紧致松弛肌肤。

  • Improve of stretch marks, scars and blemishes, leaving your skin smooth, soft and youthful-looking, nourishing formula, protects your skin against daily aggressions, skin elasticity, repairs and vitality skin.

  • Nourish the dryness skin, reduce stretch marks, soothing , reduce skin tone, soothing pregnancy  muscle fatigue. Main ingredient:Sweet almond oil, Tangerine oil, Geranium oil, Vitamin E oil

  • A delicate blend of essential oils, evening primrose oil and Vitamin E. This oil will stimulates new cell production and increases blood circulation. • Nourishing oil for dry skin and hair • Excellent as body massage oil • Vitamin E & EPO helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles & scars...

  • Good feeling to used for aromatic, excellent soothing effect of lavender. 藴含薰衣草精华,有效舒缓,放松和镇静肌肤,为肌肤提供舒适的芳香感官按摩。  

  • Washes, nourishes and regenerates. Forms a layer protecting against dryness. Fresh, citrus aroma is a relaxation for the body and the senses, in both the bath and the shower. Bergamot oil relieves stress and is a natural deodorant, while lime oil removes fatigue.Strengthens skin vitality

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