• Vegetable ingredient protects eyelash smoothly and resiliently, and makes three-dimensional curling last long. Single use-packaging makes it sanitary and easy to use. 蔬菜成分保护睫毛顺利和有弹性,并使卷曲持续很长时间。单次使用包装使得卫生和容易使用。

  • To prevent upper lash sticking to lower lash the eyelash extension 防止假睫毛过程中,在嫁接睫毛时,能分离上下睫毛。

  • Gel type Odorless remover glue Quickly remove false eyelashes on the glue. 凝胶型无气味卸睫毛胶水 快速卸除睫毛.

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