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  • Formulated with nutrients which deeply hydrates and conditions your mature or dry skin. Use it every day after washing your hands with harsh soaps to make your skin more moisturized and plum!天然桃子精华具有超强保湿作用,同时软化肌肤,改善干燥与粗燥。为手部提供水份,长时间保持皮肤光滑、柔嫩。其天然成分配方孕妇和儿童也可以安心使用

  • Snail moisturizing cream repair, repair ability of snail mucus rich, to enhance skin elasticity had a significant effect.牛奶借着丰富滋养的独特优势,为手部解决干燥,脱水等问题,以无油腻的感觉为皮肤提供保护,使手部保持柔软和健康。其天然成分配方孕妇和儿童也可以安心使用。

  • Refreshing multi- step hand scrub with hand mask treatment, effective nourishing, moisturizing and soft skin of hand for optimal results. 清爽二合一手部磨砂膏包含保湿手膜,为手部肌肤提供滋润,嫩白和保湿护理达到最佳效果。

  • Intensive multi step foot treatment contains peeling gel and foot mask, removes dead skin cells on the feet to moisturize and smooth feet that suffer from rough and dry. 舒缓二合一足部磨砂膏同时含有足膜,提高脚底肌肤保湿,使足部肌肤舒缓压力和滋润保湿。 OUT OF STOCK

  • This delicate hand wash cream is a combination of cleansing and every-day care enriched with fruity scents. Excellently cleanses and refreshes without drying hand skin, it will bring joy for the entire day. 温和的手部清洁乳液结合手部护理配方,富含水果香味。洁净同时护肤,使手部不再干燥,为整天带来欢乐。

  • Snail moisturizing hand cream repair, rich in repairing mucus, it helps to enhance skin elasticity and recovering effect. Provides skin moisture, elasticity and nutrition for damaged skin, strengthen the skin elasticity and restore skin health. children and pregnant women are available...

  • A peeling foot and heel mask that transforms your feet from rough and tough to super soft and smooth.  优秀去角质效果的特制脚膜,可直接软化足部角质而无需摩擦,同时为足部提供养份、保湿、与修护作用,使脚部变得湿润。

  • Size: 100ml-FOOT CARETea tree oil and sea buckthorn extract has antiseptic and disinfectant properties, helps anti-inflammatory, soothing effect. Oak Bark extract and walnut oil, rich in vitamin E, soothing and moisturizing the skin. Its natural aroma also helps deodorant, antibacterial, reduce sweating to avoid unpleasant odor, even up to 5 days.

  • Foot repairing cream against cracking Walnut oil, Broad-leaf plantain extract

  • It is highly moisturizing hand mask that makes up dry hand soft and smooth by moist moisturizing effect. It is dual care special mask that makes your hands lively by adding nutrition and glittery to nail and cuticle.具有双重护理特性的高度保湿手膜,使手部肌肤滋润、保湿、柔软、光滑。同时,给予指甲营养,使指甲表面闪闪发亮,使你的双手看起来更有活力。

  • It contains natural ingredients like Macadamia nut oil,Shea Butter , Limnanthes Alba(meadow foam,Seed oil, Soybean Fermenta Extract, Allantoin that helps to remove and reduce dead skin cell, makes your hand moist and soft. 让您在家轻松地享受高效手部护理,同时不会留下粘腻不适。 澳洲坚果油-软化皮肤,顺滑肌肤白芒花籽油-防止氧化,预防老化大豆发酵提取物-提供活力和保湿乳木果油- 强效保湿(手部)

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