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  • Designed to help prevent bleached or coloured hair from spliting. It combines the twin moisturizing power of almond oil and henna to give deep, intensive conditioning that rehydrates damaged hair.专为防止漂白或染发发质开叉断裂而设。结合杏仁油和指甲花双重保湿功效,给予深层,密集的护理,使受损发质再次补充水分。

  • Truzone shampoo coconut oil. Mild conditioning shampoo. PH balanced shampoo with coconut oil for all hair types. Nourishes hair leaving it with a luscious coconut fragrance.椰子油。 温和的调理洗发水。PH均衡的配方椰子油适用于所有类型的头发。滋润头发且散发淡雅的椰子香味。

  • Truzone shampoo Lemon and Lime. Mild conditioning shampoo. PH balanced for normal to oily hair with natural lemon and lime extracts to keep hair squeaky clean.柠檬和青柠。温和的调理洗发水。PH平衡的自然柠檬和青柠萃取物为正常至油腻的发质保持头发无油腻的干净。

  • Truzone shampoo rhubarb sorbet. Mild conditioning shampoo.PH balanced professionally energizing shampoo with natural rhubarb extracts to clean hair and boost vitality.大黄雪葩温和的调理洗发水,PH 平衡的天然大黄提取物,专业活力洗发水,清洁头发和促进头发活力。

  • Truzone shampoo tangerine.Mild conditioning shampoo. PH balanced formulation for normal to oily hair produced to leave hair feeling zingy fresh and full of life.橘子 温和的调理洗发水 PH平衡配方,适合中性至油性发质,让头发全天候保持清爽愉悦。

  • Stimulates the scalp with a cool tingling sensation. This invigorating blend cleanses your hair and scalp of impurities for a fresh, clean feeling.促进头发清凉舒爽感觉,活力振奋混合清洁头发和头皮上的杂质,营造清新,干净的感觉。

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items