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  • 0%parabens, artificial colouring, SLS, SLES

  • Natural herbal formula based on recipes from old herbal books. Strengthens, rebuilds the hair, reduces hair loss, dandruff and seborrhea. Does not leave your hair sticky and heavy. Extracts of chamomile, sweet flag rhizome, coltsfoot and wheat sprouts nourish the scalp, give hair vitality from roots to tips, make it healthy, thick, flexible and shiny.

  • 功效:弹力活性因子成份,增强头发弹力和活力,同时有效锁住秀发水份,长效保湿,改善头发干枯现象,使秀发湿润亮泽,光滑有弹性,打造出动感,有活力的流行发型。   Keberkesanan : bahan faktor aktiviti elastik, meningkatkan keanjalan rambut dan kecergasan, dengan berkesan bagi megekalkan kelembapan rambut, pelembab yang tahan lama, memperbaiki fenomena rambut kering, menjadikan rambut lembap dan berkilat, licin dan elastik, untuk...

  • 功效:闪柔营养配方,富含天然氨基酸有机成份,深层渗透快速吸收,在头发表面形成一层保护膜,锁住头发营养和水份,防止伤害,修复受损,并可塑造富有纹理的时尚发型。   Efficacy: Flash soft nutrition formula, rich in natural organic amino acids, deep penetration quickly absorbed in the hair surface to form a protective film, lock hair nutrition and moisture, to prevent damage, repair damaged, and can create textured fashion hairstyle.

  • strengthening,  revitalizing and protecting hair to counter ageing and attacks from free radical scavengers, pollution, smoke , smog,anti-frizz and detangling action .protection and shine. enchance brilliance of cosmetic colour.  给于头发轻盈,无沉重的感觉。保护头发对抗老化和自由基的侵略,污染和烟雾带来的伤害。有效的给于枯燥,松散,无光泽的头发充满活力,滋润,让发丝柔顺易梳理和保护颜色光泽。

  • Its special formula , leaving hair silky soft and full of shine. It helps eliminate frizz and split ends, making it soft, luminous and vital. 其特殊的配方,使头发丝般柔软,充满光泽。它有助于消除毛躁和开叉,使之柔和,鲜艳和活力。

  •    Enriched with Oligoelements , extract of Rosemary and Nettle ,it carries out a stimulating and tonifying  action .Purifies the scalp and moistures the hair bulb ,increasing the amount oxygen . 富含微量元素,迷迭香,荨麻提取物,促进和补充作用. 净化头皮和滋养毛囊,以增加氧气。

  • Fluid Crystal, Rich in linseed and Proteins ,It is indicated to dry, frizzy and treated hair, Its specific sealing action helps seals split ends and leaves hair silky soft and full of shine 富含亚麻子和蛋白质,用于干性和毛燥发质,助于密封开叉发质,给于发质丝般柔软,充满光泽。

  • 0% parabens, artificial colouring, SLS, SLES. The power of plants considered hair-friendly for centuries. Burdock root extract, suspended in a light vegetable oil, strengthens the hair anchoring in the scalp, which reduces hair loss, stimulates new hair growth. The balm moisturizes the scalp and perfectly nourishes the hair, giving it vitality from root...

  • 0% parabens, artificial colouring, SLS, SLES. Beautiful, moistened, strong, flexible and shiny hair thanks to the power of plants. For centuries argan oil, natural gold of Morocco, rich in vitamin E, has been used to regenerate damaged and desiccated hair with splitting ends. The balm smoothes hair, makes it shiny, soft, easy comb and style. Pomegranate...

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