• Nourishes and Hydrates ,Detangles ,Softens ,Anti Frizz ,Anti Static /Heat Protects  , Color Protects ,  Re- structure ,Volume ,Seals  The Cuticle ,Protects Against Heat and UV rays ,Eliminates Split Ends ,Smoothing ,Contrast Cellular Aging ,Shiny ,Delicately Perfumed Hair....

  • it is ideal for all hair types, restores softness and vitality leaving hair feeling heavy. Creates a protective film around the hair. 适合所有类型的发质: 它围绕头发的形成保护膜,使发质柔软,光泽,活力,轻盈无沉重的感觉  。

  • Suitable for any weather. Anti-humidity, Anti-Frizz and Anti-Static , ultra light, instantly absorbed, ideal for dry, lacklustre, frizzy, colored and treated hair., it nourishes, protects and hydrates the hair, making it shiny and anti-static action,soft, easy to comb 适合任何天气。超轻盈的质感,深层治疗改善毛躁。防潮湿,和防静电,,瞬间吸收,非常适合干燥,无光泽,毛燥,彩色和化学处理过的头发,它滋养,保护和滋润头发,使之光泽,柔软,容易梳理。

  • effective acidifying, stabilizing and protective action, protect the intensity, shine and uniformity of cosmetic colour.  it restructures the hair, making it soft, luminous and easy to comb.     有效酸化,稳定和保护措施,保护颜色强度,光泽和均匀性。它重组头发,使之柔软,明亮且容易梳理。

  • hydrates ,shapes curls, eliminating the frizz ,soft and elasticity, restoring curls , resists humidity and protects hair from external agents •水份化合物,塑造卷发,消除毛躁,修复卷发柔软和弹性,抗潮湿和保护头发免受外部的侵略.

  •  Reconstructs the hair fiber to fill in the damaged areas, completely re-plumping and reconstructing from within .Hair appears stronger and healthy. 重构头发纤维,填补了破损的地方,完全的重组和注入使头发强壮和健康.

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