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  • A hair care treatment to repair damaged, frizzy and split ends. Its avocado ingredients give extra moisture to hair and its jojoba oil effectively nourishes and protects colour treated hair to give shiny and healthier hair. 牛油果:天然滋养因子,层层滋养,修护因染, 烫、日晒等引起的损伤。霍霍巴籽油:加倍滋润,补充营养,同时在发丝形成保护膜,强韧发丝,使烫染后秀发变得柔韧、更易梳,重焕秀发健康弹性。活机白茶:能帮助保护发丝,天然抗氧化。

  •  Ideal for: stressed, dehydrated and frizzy hair structures (chemically and thermally stressed). intense hydrating, restoring and detangling action. It nourishes and restores elasticity to leave hair full of                               life easy   to comb and silky soft                      适用于:厚重,失水份,毛燥的头发(化学质药品和时常受热的发质)。...

  •         •protects , nourishes and hydrates the hair fibre from inside, fixing the colour and sealing the cuticle to avoid protein and pigment loss making it soft, luminous and vital.                   保护,滋养和滋润头发纤维,固定颜色和密封角质层,避免蛋白质和色素减退,使它柔软,光泽和活力。

  • Ideal for dry, weak, dull, treated or damaged hair, repairs split ends and protects the cuticle, ensuring extraordinary softness, elasticity and sheen. 适合干性,弱,无光泽。治疗受损发质,修复分叉和保护角质层,给于柔软性,弹性和光泽。

  • Detangles and hydrates curly and wavy hair without weighing it down.    水份子形成保护膜,使卷发和波浪的头发没有沉重的感觉。

  • Acid pH and rich perfectly closes the cuticle scales Nourishes and  re-plumps  leaving hair silky soft, full of body, elasticity, shine and easy to  comb                     酸性pH值完全关闭角质毛鳞层, 给于回复活力和滋养,使头发回复弹性,丝般柔软 , 光泽和容易梳理

  • Rich in Milk and Wheat, Proteins that carry out a nourishing and  hydrating action .It is ideal for dry and frizzy hair .It leave  hair feeling super soft, silky  and detangled . 丰富的牛奶,小麦,椰子油和蛋白质给于滋润和保湿做用。适合干燥和毛燥发质, 它令头发不缠结,恢复光泽柔软,容易梳理.

  • Enriched with Oligoelements , extract of Rosemary and Nettle ,it carries out a stimulating and tonifying  action .Purifies the scalp and moistures the hair bulb ,increasing the amount oxygen . 富含微量元素,迷迭香,荨麻提取物,促进和补充作用. 净化头皮和滋养毛囊,以增加氧气。

  • Rich in Cotton Oil and Cocoa Butter .It carries out a deep hydrating cleansing action, it makes straightening   easier  and reduces frizz .Its softening and detangling action makes curly, coarse and rebel hair easier to straighten. 富含棉花油和可可脂。它给予深层的保湿清洁行动,它使拉直过的发质软化,减少毛躁,使缠结,叛乱   的头发更容易梳理。

  • Similar to using face cream, using a hand cream consistently will combat the signs of premature ageing, as well as boot moisture levels and skin elasticity. It repairs and undoes the damage of neglect on your hands. 相同于使用面霜,护手霜含高效水分以提高手部水分含量和皮肤弹性。预防皮肤过早老化的迹象,它修复和消除你手上被忽视的皮肤伤害。

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