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  • It contains precious nutrient conditioning essence such as Chinese mugwort leaf and linseed, which makes water-conservation on the hair surface, and keeps hair nourishing, soft and smooth. 特别添加多种名贵草本营养焗油精华,在秀发表层形成凝水保护,给予头发更多的滋养,保持持久水润状态,令头发润泽柔顺。

  • The bright black pearl ingredient goes deep into the hair follicle to help it absorb nutrition, which leaves your hair black and bright, smooth and nourishing. 特别添加黑珍珠黑发亮泽成分,深入毛囊里层,由表及里迅速渗透发根,滋润头部皮层,促进养分吸收,令秀发持久黑亮,垂顺滋养。

  • Special oil-control and fresh formula makes your head skin clean and fresh, hair bright and beautiful. Leave your hair with the fresh fragrance. 特别添加控油清爽配方,有效去除头发油腻感,令秀发持久清爽,散发清新香味。

  • it could promote scalp dermal and follicular microcirculation, and follicular then guarantee them to absorbed balance, therefore hairs could be growing thick easily. 改善微循环,修护毛囊达到发根加固,加粗,加密的功效。同时给予头发更多的滋养,令头发柔顺亮泽。

  • Daily Nourishment: for that extra nourishment and healthy hair everyday.    Classic Clean & Shine: perfect for a confident classic clean & shine everyday.   日常营养:补充营养和健康的头发于每一天。   清洁的杰作与光泽:完美的信心清洁与光泽于每一天。

  • Jojoba molecular make-up is the only that is similar to sebum -The natural oil the scalp produces .This means its in true with your skin and its nutrients are readiy accepted by your hair meaning it hydrates, moisturises and accentuates your hairs natural beauty .   All this and it adds to shine elasticity and softness - making for smoother ,silkier locks .

  • Ideal for weak hair, prone to hair loss. Delicately cleanses scalp and hair, bringing extraordinary nourishment, tone and vitality. 适用于脆弱和易脱发的发质。洁净头皮和头发,为秀发带来丰富的滋养,健康和活力。

  • Enriched with organic Aloe Vera, cleanses hair and scalp effectively, leaves hair vital, soft and bright. Ideal for all hair types, even for daily use. 富含芦荟,温和洁净头皮,使头发健康,柔和,明亮。适合所有类型的发质,可日常使用。

  • Gently cleanses to leave hair brilliant and silky soft. Its effective protecting and anti-oxidizing action is ideal for damaged, treated, dull and lifeless hair. 温和洁净,有效保护和抗氧化,令秀发有光泽和丝般柔软,修复受损,无光泽和毫无生气的头发。

  • Deep cleanses without  Sulphates  and  strengthens the hair fibre from inside, fixing the colour and sealing the cuticle to avoid protein and pigment loss。 深层清洁无硫酸盐,增强头发纤维,稳定颜色和密封角质层,以避免蛋白质和色素减退。

  • getting rid of the frizz and giving elasticity and hydration. It has a disciplining action, wrapping each hair shaft in a protective and glossing film. 消除毛躁,给于发质弹性和保湿。它形成保护膜缠绕每根毛发,有助于控制蓬松,使卷发易于梳理。

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