• Moisture Soothing Gel Mist 100% Aloe Vera is an enriched aloe vera which helps your sensitive skin smooth and calming. It provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation.4 free :No Benzophenone , No Talc , No Colouring , No Mineral oil. 保湿舒缓喷雾胶内含丰富的芦荟,可以帮助全天候保湿舒缓,镇静敏感。同时促进伤口愈合,减轻皮肤发炎。也可用于晒后补水保湿、晒伤修护、舒缓干燥等

  • It is a mist product, Containing a diamond ingredient ,which helps brighten skin andminimize the appearance of dark spots and discoloration.its also hydrate and restoreradiance, helps soothe and restore a youthful, radiant glow to skin. 它是一种含有钻石成分 的保湿美白喷雾,有效滋润,帮助舒缓,提亮肤色,减少黑斑及暗沉 , 恢复光采,恢复青春,容光焕发皮肤。

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