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  • it could promote scalp dermal and follicular microcirculation, and follicular then guarantee them to absorbed balance, therefore hairs could be growing thick easily. 改善微循环,修护毛囊达到发根加固,加粗,加密的功效。同时给予头发更多的滋养,令头发柔顺亮泽。

  • The bright black pearl ingredient goes deep into the hair follicle to help it absorb nutrition, which leaves your hair black and bright, smooth and nourishing. 特别添加黑珍珠黑发亮泽成分,深入毛囊里层,由表及里迅速渗透发根,滋润头部皮层,促进养分吸收,令秀发持久黑亮,垂顺滋养。

  • It contains precious nutrient conditioning essence such as Chinese mugwort leaf and linseed, which makes water-conservation on the hair surface, and keeps hair nourishing, soft and smooth. 特别添加多种名贵草本营养焗油精华,在秀发表层形成凝水保护,给予头发更多的滋养,保持持久水润状态,令头发润泽柔顺。

  • Special oil-control and fresh formula makes your head skin clean and fresh, hair bright and beautiful. Leave your hair with the fresh fragrance. 特别添加控油清爽配方,有效去除头发油腻感,令秀发持久清爽,散发清新香味。

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items