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  • Gentle wash and cleanse without any stimulation. Aloe Vera provide a rich moisturizing , shrink pores and calming effect , keep skin smooth and healthier.4 free :No Benzophenone , No Talc  , No Colouring  , No Mineral oil泡沫绵密、质地温和,有效清洁而不刺激。丰富的芦荟精华提供保湿补水作用,细致毛孔,使肌肤紧致水嫩。

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  • A peeling foot and heel mask that transforms your feet from rough and tough to super soft and smooth.  优秀去角质效果的特制脚膜,可直接软化足部角质而无需摩擦,同时为足部提供养份、保湿、与修护作用,使脚部变得湿润。

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  • It is highly moisturizing hand mask that makes up dry hand soft and smooth by moist moisturizing effect. It is dual care special mask that makes your hands lively by adding nutrition and glittery to nail and cuticle.具有双重护理特性的高度保湿手膜,使手部肌肤滋润、保湿、柔软、光滑。同时,给予指甲营养,使指甲表面闪闪发亮,使你的双手看起来更有活力。2 for RM16

  • Luffa cucumber extract improve skin texture softer smooth and deep clean exfoliator, Cactus extract effective moisturize, boost elasticity, make the silky and brightening skin.丝瓜黄瓜提取物改善肌肤质地和清洁角质污垢,使肌肤柔软光滑。仙人掌提取物有效滋润保湿,提升肌肤弹性,令肌肤柔滑亮丽。

  • This moist and refreshing milk jelly mask contains milk protein extract to make skin clear and transparent s by fully nourishing and moisturizing  牛奶中富含大量的美白精华,保湿和滋润功效,有助淡化因紫外线所造成的色素沉淀,迅速改善黯哑,均匀肤色。令肌肤恢复活力紧致,明亮白皙。

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  • Stimulated by the sun, the Aloe Vera relaxes your all reddish and dried face, arm, leg, and whole body, it also gives good moist and it is also rich in vitamin 含有100%纯原液芦荟,有抗过敏和抗发炎的特性,帮助舒缓,镇定敏感发痒的皮肤 ,为肌肤提供深层保湿与滋润,增强皮肤天然的保护作用。 2 for RM50

  • Moisture Soothing Gel Mist 100% Aloe Vera is an enriched aloe vera which helps your sensitive skin smooth and calming. It provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation.4 free :No Benzophenone , No Talc , No Colouring , No Mineral oil. 保湿舒缓喷雾胶内含丰富的芦荟,可以帮助全天候保湿舒缓,镇静敏感。同时促进伤口愈合,减轻皮肤发炎。也可用于晒后补水保湿、晒伤修护、舒缓干燥等

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  • Aloe vera has powerful moisturizing, calming sensitive, while improving skin luster, make skin tender and brighter.芦荟具有补水保湿、消炎舒缓、镇静敏感,同时提升肌肤光泽,使皮肤嫩滑紧致。

  • Esfolio Egg Cleansing Foam combines Egg Shell Collagen and various essences to remove dirts deep in the pores, refine large pores, and smooth facial skin. esfolio鸡蛋柔滑洁面泡沫,蕴含蛋壳胶原及蛋黃提取成分,能彻底去除毛孔深处的污垢,收细及紧致粗大的毛孔,同時有效平衡肌肤水分,补充肌肤所需营养,保持肌肤健康,用后倍感清爽、滋润、光滑!

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  • Egg essence is rich in collagen, its effectively shrink pores, restore skin elasticity and tightening , make your skin firm and shiny bright.鸡蛋内富含丰富的胶原蛋白有效收缩毛孔,恢复肌肤弹性,紧致肌肤,使肌肤紧致光泽,明亮动人。

  • Formulated with nutrients which deeply hydrates and conditions your mature or dry skin. Use it every day after washing your hands with harsh soaps to make your skin more moisturized and plum!天然桃子精华具有超强保湿作用,同时软化肌肤,改善干燥与粗燥。为手部提供水份,长时间保持皮肤光滑、柔嫩。其天然成分配方孕妇和儿童也可以安心使用

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  • Green tea extract helps removed dirt and residue from pores. It has an anti-oxidative and moisturizing effect, prevent skin ageing, keeps skin healthier and youthful.绿茶能使毛孔内的毒素排出,从而得到深层洁净作用,同时具有抗氧化剂强效保湿功能,预防肌肤老化。

Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items

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