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  • 在富含营养的维C精华中添加玫瑰果,奶蓟草和沙棘帮助减缓色素沉淀和面部泛红,同时增加肌肤弹性水分以及细胞再生能力,使肌肤肤色更均匀、更具光泽、容光焕发。   Contain vitamin C rosehip , milk thistle and sea-buckthorn are included in the nourishing C Serum to help reduce pigmentation and redness, while boosting elasticity, hydration and cell rejuvenation, leaving the skin more even-toned, smoother and glowing.

  • 茶树精油带有纯天然的清新杀菌芳香,有助于消炎杀菌,加速伤口愈合,针对皮肤感染、脓疱、暗疮有着神奇的效用。同时加强免疫,舒缓鼻塞、改善痛经及私处感染等,使头脑清醒,增强专注力。 Tea tree oil has a fresh and germicidal scent, effectively in anti-inflammatory, strengthens immunity, relieves nasal congestion, reduce dysmenorrhea and private parts infections. It’s also relieve tension, refresh and improved concentration.

  • Skin & Hair: Soothed itchiness and inflammation Relieves dryness, improves eczema. 缓解皮肤瘙痒和炎症。舒缓干燥,脱水。改善湿疹。 Body: Useful for chest discomfort such as bronchitis, asthma, dry coughs and sore throats. 舒缓胸腔不适,如支气管炎,哮喘,咳嗽和喉咙痛。 Mind & Emotions: Harmonizes and calms. Ideal for depression, stress and anxiety. 心灵协调和镇定。特别给予抑郁症,紧张疲劳,压力和焦虑

  • Skin & Hair: Rejuvenating, repairing  对皮肤和头发拥有修护和增加活力作用。 Body: improve for shortness of breathed. 改善呼吸急促。 Mind & Emotions: Meditative, calms, relieves stress and tension. 心灵冥想,平静,减轻压力和紧张

  • Sinus Clear Rollerball contains a refreshing combination of lemongrass, lime, grapefruit and peppermint essential oils. This clearing blend is helpful in easing the symptoms associated with hay fever, sinus, cold and flu.   鼻窦清洁滚珠具有柠檬草精油、青柠精油、葡萄柚精油、薄荷精油,清凉提神,有效帮助缓解枯草热(花粉病)、鼻窦炎、感冒与流感等症状。OUT OF STOCK

  • Women’s Blend Rollerball is a beautiful blend especially for women to help calm, balance and harmony mind and body.   女士复方精油滚珠特别是为女性舒缓镇静,放松平衡思想,和谐心灵。OUT OF STOCKBuy 4+ RM1 Get One freeChange Special option to Buy 4+RM1 enjoy the special deals

  • Fresh , wood and sweet ,this oil is deep cleansing and has antiseptic qualities.   清爽花木质甜香味,有效清除深层污垢和杀菌功效。

  • A floral and wood scent , well known for its calming and soothing properties.   清淡花木质香味,具有镇静和舒缓情绪的作用。

  • Refreshing citrus with a delicate floral overtone ,this oil assists healing and stimulates the appetite, relieving indigestion and colic.   清爽的柑橘与淡淡花香味,有助于治疗食欲不振,缓解消化不良和腹绞痛。

  • With a sharp and refreshing  scent , it relieves irritation and itchiness in the skin and is also effective in the treatment of headache.   具有清爽清香的香味,能减轻皮肤炎症和瘙痒,也对头痛具有很好疗效。OUT OF STOCK Buy 4+ RM1 Get One freeChange Special option to Buy 4+RM1 enjoy the special dealsL

  • With a lemony herbaceous  scent  , this oil is effective to pore tightening and treat acne oily skin type. 带有柠檬香草香味,有效地收缩毛孔和治疗油性肌肤。OUT OF STOCK

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