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  • Formulated with nutrients which deeply hydrates and conditions your mature or dry skin. Use it every day after washing your hands with harsh soaps to make your skin more moisturized and plum!天然桃子精华具有超强保湿作用,同时软化肌肤,改善干燥与粗燥。为手部提供水份,长时间保持皮肤光滑、柔嫩。其天然成分配方孕妇和儿童也可以安心使用

  • Snail moisturizing cream repair, repair ability of snail mucus rich, to enhance skin elasticity had a significant effect.牛奶借着丰富滋养的独特优势,为手部解决干燥,脱水等问题,以无油腻的感觉为皮肤提供保护,使手部保持柔软和健康。其天然成分配方孕妇和儿童也可以安心使用。

  • Stimulated by the sun, the Aloe Vera relaxes your all reddish and dried face, arm, leg, and whole body, it also gives good moist and it is also rich in vitamin 含有100%纯原液芦荟,有抗过敏和抗发炎的特性,帮助舒缓,镇定敏感发痒的皮肤 ,为肌肤提供深层保湿与滋润,增强皮肤天然的保护作用。

  • The Naturalium Body Lotion is particularly suitable for daily use, and recommended for personal hygiene and skin care, enriched with vitamins. It is available in five different fruit fragrances. 蜜瓜和乳油木果油促进细胞再生和修复肤质, 深层保湿能够有效渗透角质层和改善肌肤粗糙。

  • Intensive multi step foot treatment contains peeling gel and foot mask, removes dead skin cells on the feet to moisturize and smooth feet that suffer from rough and dry. 舒缓二合一足部磨砂膏同时含有足膜,提高脚底肌肤保湿,使足部肌肤舒缓压力和滋润保湿。

  • Scents of geranium flower stimulate the senses, inspiring nerves and relaxation. Sweet almond nourished and moisturize skin, prevent skin aging. 香甜的天竺葵花香味刺激感官、振奋神经,放松并消除疲劳情绪。甜杏仁精华则帮助滋润滋养干燥肌肤,改善松弛,让肌肤瞬间饱满紧实。

  • Enrich in natural shea butter extract, gently cleanse, while moisturizing and nourishing. Enhance the skin's natural's protective layer and maintain healthy skin. 含丰富天然乳木果精华,温和清洁、净化肌肤、同时滋润并改善肌肤干燥。增强肌肤天然保护能力,令肌肤光滑细腻,维持健康肤质

  • BATH MILKGetting Beautiful Skin , Milk baths have long been used as a way to moisten and soften skin. Creamy liquid is now turns into a silky foam to becomes a sensual pleasure of nature to soften and nourish the skin. Suitable use for shower or put an appropriate amount  into water to soak in the tub.

  • Green Apple extract natural vitamin improve skin elastic, anti free radical skin anti-aging and immune system enhancement. 青苹果提取物有维生素令肌肤有弹性,抗自由基让肌肤细胞延迟衰老和免疫系统功能增强。

  • Mango extract and lactic acid keep skin moisturizing ,enhance moisture retention , anti-aging , moisturizing and soft skin. 芒果提取物和乳酸给予肌肤深层滋润,增强保湿,延缓老化,让干燥肌肤滋润柔嫩。

  • Raspberry extract rich in vitamin ,mild formula , moisturizing skin ,soft and smooth skin. 山莓精华素有丰富维他命,温和配方,是皮肤保湿和柔软光滑。

  • Coconut extract rich in vitamin effectively metabolism of the skin ,enhance ability of moisture skin. 椰子提取物有丰富的维他命有效对与肌肤促进新陈代谢,增强保湿能力。

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