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  • Target oily hair type. Natural Tea Tree extract restores and balances the pH of scalp to prevent oily hair and dandruff. The essence from grapefruit works as best nourishment agent. It also enriched with natural avenin essence that effectively repair frizzy and split ends and strengthens hair follicles for healthy looking hair and lasting vitality....

  • Target to treat dandruff. Its grape seed extract balances the pH of scalp condition to prevent itching, flaking and discomfort. Nourishment on scalp and hair from avenin essence make your scalp and hair to give you shiny silky smooth hair. 洗护系列,保湿抗老化护理头发,适用于所有发质。补水滋润,修护发丝分叉,保护秀发不受紫外线侵害,去头屑、止头痒、敏感、毛躁、脆弱、抗老化。

  • With the latest elastic fibre mud formula, it can express natural plumpy hair, with strong support without thickness and hard, totally submissive, creating turbid lusterless decadence sense and special effect, freely shaping fluffy individuation hair style. 采用最新配方的弹力纤维,可以自然卷起自然的头发,强有力的支撑无厚度和硬度,完全鞠躬,造成缺乏光泽和特殊效果,自由形成多毛的个人发型。

  • Triple Action Maintenance Lotion三重活跃维护液 pH: 4.0-4.5 Treatment for: weak hair, prone to hair loss, oily scalp and hair with dandruff. Ideal for daily maintenance of the results obtained with energizing. 治疗予:弱的头发,易脱发,油性头皮和头皮屑头发。 给予:日常护理以获得能量效果

  • 功效:富含多种植物护发精华,融合玫瑰精油精心研制而成,能深入渗透到毛发内部,为发丝补充多种营养成分,修复发丝受损部分,滋养干枯,修复暗淡,让秀发焕发迷人光彩。   Efficacy: rich in a variety of plant hair care essence, the fusion of rose oil carefully developed, can penetrate deep into the hair, hair for a variety of nutritional supplements to repair damaged parts of the hair, nourish dry, repair dim, so show Glow glamorous glamorous.

  • Shampoo for normal hair Nettle. 0% parabens, artificial colouring, SLS, SLES

  • Ideal for oily scalp and hair pH:4,5-5,0Cleanses delicately and effectively removes excess sebum production Restores balance and purify to the scalp and leaving hair clean,soft and shiny.适用于:油性头皮和发质精致的洁净功能,有效地去除过多皮脂量。 恢复平衡和纯洁的头发,给予秀发干净柔软和光泽。

  • An excessive deposit of impurities,residue and waste substances(toxins) causes a slowing of the hair bulb's activity.Detox Treatment gives the scalp a pleasant feeling of freshness,which reinvigorates and tones the treated area. 过量沉积残留物和废物物质(毒素),引起延缓毛囊的活跃力。排毒治疗使头皮清新,预约的感觉,治疗后的范围再度复苏和健壮。

  • Echosline Energizing Shampoo 能量洗发液 Ideal for weak hair, prone to hair loss Active pH: 4,5-5,0 - Dedicately cleanses scalp and hair, bringing extraordinary nourishment, tone and vitality 适用于弱和易脱发的发质 -谨慎地洁净头皮和头发,带来了极大的滋养,健康和活力 - 恢复能量和健康

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