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  • An effective essence Gather a variety high concentration of natural plant extracts to help inhibit inflammation on skin and reduce the acne and blemished. Leaving your skin refreshed, smooth and healthy looking.  Especially for oily, combination oily and acne skin. 凝聚多种天然抗痘植萃取,调理控油,帮助抑制皮肤炎症,减少粉刺和暗疮

  • Snail jelly mask contains snail secretion filtrate to make skin healthy and resilient by fully nourishing and moisturizing. 天然蜗牛的修复粘液面膜,有效及时补充满满的水分、舒缓敏感、增强皮肤弹性,延缓肌肤衰老。24小时维持水嫩娇柔,令肌肤恢复柔滑娇嫩,紧致明亮。

  • This moist and refreshing milk jelly mask contains milk protein extract to make skin clear and transparent s by fully nourishing and moisturizing  牛奶中富含大量的美白精华,保湿和滋润功效,有助淡化因紫外线所造成的色素沉淀,迅速改善黯哑,均匀肤色。令肌肤恢复活力紧致,明亮白皙。

  • Efficacy: Enriched with Vitamin C, helps energize your complexion while stimulates production of collagen and elastin to maintaining youthful, healthy skin

  • Efficacy:Highly support collagen formation, improve skin elasticity and firmness, hydrate and moisturize skin, optimize and balance skin condition to bring a radiant, younger look

  • Efficacy: Contain intensive natural formulation, direct improve ultra hydration to skin cells, non greasy, highly increase skin moisture and elasticity, help calm down the irritation skin also. Promote smoother and healthier skin. Can be a sleeping mask. All skin type except acne skin

  • Contains high concentration of Seaweed Extract, and frankincense vine plant extracts deeply hydrate skin, reduce wrinkles and shrink pores. Use regularly, it leaves skin smooth, firm and radiant. Suitable for all skin type. 海澡和乳香藤本植物精华深层滋润肌肤,为肌肤提供大量水分,减少皱纹,同时缩小毛孔。使肌肤光滑紧致而有光泽。适合所有肤质

  • Milk protein stimulated and enhanced skin collagen. Cactus and Apple extract helps resist radiation, reduce wrinkles, delicate a smooth and shiny bright skin. Suitable for all skin type, especially for dull skin. 牛奶蛋白中含有的亮白能量,可以增强胶原合成。仙人掌和苹果萃取有助于对抗辐射功能,改善皮肤表面皱纹,使皮肤变得嫩白细滑。尤其适合用于黯沉,暗哑无光泽的肌肤。

  • Recovery toner for dry and damaged skin, 72 hours moisturizing with hyaluronic acid to prevent skin dryness while repair and regenerated skin cell. 特效给于干燥损伤的调肤水,提供长达72小时的高效保湿对抗自然老化引起的干燥。高度保湿与锁水,防止肌肤水分流失,同时修复受损,增进肌肤再生与复原能力。

  • Soothing and moisture supply, it is a necessity for supple and soft skin. 强效补水和舒缓作用,使肌肤水嫩柔软。

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