• Eye bags shapeCoenzyme Q10 rejuvenates the eye area by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable to be used for eyelash extension extra comfort. 眼袋形辅酶Q10有效帮助减少眼部的细纹和皱纹, 合适的用于假睫毛。

  • An eye refreshing cream that moisturized and soothing to nourishing, soothing eye fatigue and improve fine lines. For all skin type. 牛奶精华可补充眼周肌肤所需水份和营养,透明质酸和多种植物精粹有效保湿滋养,舒缓疲劳,改善眼周细纹和皱纹。适合所有眼部肌肤。

  • Containing complex composition of botanical ingredients and Seaweed Extract, helps moisturized and smooth dry skin around the eye area, leaving eye are vitality and supple. Can be used as eye mask to provide intensive hydration to tired skin and relax eye area. Recommended for use at night and store in the refrigerator....

  • Containing aloe-vera extract, which cools and calms the sensitive eye area, reduced the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Added Vitamin E helps to reduced wrinkles and fine lines. 含丰富芦荟提取物,有效舒缓镇静敏感的眼部区域,减轻眼部浮肿和黑眼圈。其丰富维生素E有助于减少眼部皱纹和细纹。

  • Improve dark circles, fine lines, and moisturizing effect. 改善黑眼圈,细纹和保湿作用

  • 美白、修复、增加弹性,維持眼周水润亮白   Dermal Eye patch provides moisture and protection, brighten eye rims and makes your eye looking healthier and youthful. 

  • 修复、抗氧、补水保湿,舒缓疲劳,减轻眼部浮肿 Dermal Eye patch provides moisture and protection, help soothed puffiness  and relieve fatigue, keeps your eye moisture and vividness.

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