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  • Egg essence is rich in collagen, its effectively shrink pores, restore skin elasticity and tightening , make your skin firm and shiny bright.鸡蛋内富含丰富的胶原蛋白有效收缩毛孔,恢复肌肤弹性,紧致肌肤,使肌肤紧致光泽,明亮动人。

  • Volcanic ash effectively in deep cleansing, reduce blackheads, pimples and acne. Chaenomeles sinensis fruit and portulaca oleracea extract helps enhance skin elasticity and moisture, leaving skin fresh and healthy glow.火山泥有效去除角质和污垢,深层清洁,同时具有排毒作用,减少黑头、粉刺和暗疮。木瓜及马齿笕提取物则有效提升肌肤弹性和水分,使皮肤洁净亮泽

  • Hydrated, pH balance, smoothed skin蕴含极其高效的透明质酸,有助肌肤油水平衡,维持肌肤亮泽。

  • Plant fibers make the mask more docile, efficient absorbed of moisture, while increasing skin elasticity and luster, instantly energize the skin elasticity. Especially suitable for dry and dull skin. 植物纤维使面膜更为服帖,滋养度更为高效,同时增加皮肤弹力与光泽,瞬间为肌肤注入活力弹性。尤其适合干燥,暗沉无生气的肌肤。

  • Plant fibers make the mask more docile, the skin instantly infuse moisture and nutrients, improve skin protective layer, making skin healthy glow and vitality. 植物纤维使面膜更为服帖,锁水功能更为强效,让皮肤瞬间注入水份和养份,同时强化皮肤基质,是肌肤焕发健康活力。

  • 黄金软膜蕴含天然提取物,有效激活肌肤天然保湿因子,保湿长达72小时,使肌肤倍加活力,柔嫩美白,柔滑紧致。   Golden Soft Mask contains natural extracts effective up to 72 hours moisturizing, increase vitality, whitening, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle.

  • Efficacy: Deeply whiten moisture and hydration , eliminate pigmentation spots to give a clear and fairer complexion , suitable for pigmentation skin

  • Efficacies: As it can supply all nourishments and water required by your skin and nourish thoroughly the aged skin, recover the injured one and increase the luster, it is applicable for the dry and yellowish skin and the early appeared wrinkle. 功效:此产品可以提供皮肤所需的所有滋补和水分,滋养老化的皮肤,恢复受损的肌肤,增加光泽,适用于干燥和淡黄色和早期出现皱纹的皮肤。

  • Hyaluronic acid which is a sort of NMF makes the skin moist. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate relieves the skin stress. Hydrolyzed Collagen makes the skin elastic.含丰富天然保湿因子透明质酸、甘草酸钾和水解胶原蛋白,提供保湿,增加弹性。

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