• Containing pearl powder, moisturizes and bright up skin, makes skin clean and clear, suitable for pigment and dull skin. 藴含珍珠粉末,保湿及提亮肤色,令肌肤洁净亮泽,适合于色素暗沉肌肤。  

  • Contains green tea extract effectively anti-oxidant, soothing and replenish moisture, leaving skin soft and smooth. 绿茶提取物有效抗氧,舒缓及补充肌肤水分,使肌肤柔嫩光滑。

  • It helps the speedy recovery of the skin and facilitates skin regeneration reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, providing young skin. 它可以帮助肌肤迅速恢复和促进皮肤再生,减少细纹,改善皱纹,提供年轻的肌肤。

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