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  • 具有天然黑鱼子酱提取物,提升肌肤温度,促进肌肤的血液循环,深层清洁毛孔,排出毒素,并提高有效成份吸收度。同时有效帮助提亮肤色,柔嫩和保湿皮肤。   With natural black caviar extract to promote skin blood circulation, clean pore, remove toxin, improve the absorption, effective help the skin soft and moisturizing.

  • 有效消除痤疮,减少过多的皮脂分泌,抗菌和抗炎功能使肌肤维持健康柔滑。   Effectively eliminate acne, reduce excessive sebum secretion, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory functions makes skin healthy and soft.

  • 黄金软膜蕴含天然提取物,有效激活肌肤天然保湿因子,保湿长达72小时,使肌肤倍加活力,柔嫩美白,柔滑紧致。   Golden Soft Mask contains natural extracts effective up to 72 hours moisturizing, increase vitality, whitening, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle.

  • 修复精华素促进肌肤细胞的再生,恢复肌肤弹性,修复肌肤受损的角质层。使皮肤柔嫩和保湿。尤其适合用于使用整形手术,MTS,激光治疗前后。   After Care Serum helping recover skin barrier irritated after dermatology treatment and recover to normal skin by increasing in the number of cells and superb moisturizing. Especially used Before & After Plastic Surgery, MTS, Laser Treatment.OUT OF STOCK

  • 自然丰富植物油成分有助保湿,卸除彩妆同时去除多余皮脂,深层清洁毛孔而不刺激。  Natural plant oil ingredients to help moisturize, remove make up, and deeply clean face without any irritation.

  • 蕴含美白圣品熊果苷提取物有助于提亮肤色,深层美白,改善暗沉。尿囊素则有效补水保湿,滋润肌肤,使皮肤光泽亮白。   Contains whitening factor Arbutin extract helps brighten, improve dullness. Allantoin is effective moisturizing, makes the skin shiny bright.

  • Snail secretion filtrate(mucin) regenerates the skin to soothed and repairing to the skin wild ginseng extract gives plentiful nutrition to the weakened skin 蜗牛粘液和野山人参提取物提供丰富营养,使皮肤再生,恢复肌肤弹性,抚平皱纹,让皮肤健康,充满活力。

  • 含有丰富胶原蛋白的蜗牛原液与植物精华促进肌肤弹性,紧致袪皱,修复粗大毛孔,使肌肤恢复活力。   Contains rich collagen snail secretions and plant extracts to promote skin elasticity, compact wrinkle, shrink pores, restore the skin vitality.

  • 蕴含植物提取物促进肌肤修复再生,舒缓镇定,增强肌肤免疫力,提升并紧致肌肤,补充肌肤营养和保湿。   Contains plant extract to promote skin repair and regeneration, soothing calm skin, enhance skin immunity, enhanced skin firmness, nutrition and moisturizing.

  • 自然高浓缩营养防晒霜具有阻隔紫外线,含有维他命B5有助保湿滋润,抗氧化,舒缓镇静肌肤。   High enriched nutrition sunblock with contain vitamin B5 Protecting and soothing skin with powerful antioxidant from natural

  • 温和洁面,不刺激肌肤,有助于维持肌肤PH值平衡, 深层清洁同时具有很好的保湿作用。   Gentle cleansing without any irritation, maintains skin PH balance, has moisturizing effect while keeps skin cleans and fresh.

  • 富含芦荟,玻尿酸和积雪草成分强效补水,镇静舒缓,加强免疫,促进细胞再生和新陈代谢使皮肤有活力弹性。 Contains Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Centella Asiatic ingredient highly effective in soothing and repairing, enhance skin protective layer, regenerated and promote skin metabolism , provide skin elasticity and vibrant , make skin smooth and vitality

Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items

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