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  • An emollient rich cream containing Vitamin E and natural lanolin oil that helps to rehydrate, smooth and protect. This non-greasy cream is suitable for all skin types. 含丰富维生素E和天然羊毛脂油的润肤霜,有效帮助补充水分,提供保护,平滑肌肤。适合所有肤质。

  • For the past twelve years this popular placenta cream has been renowned for its quality and unique formula. This rich and easily absorbed cream is ideal for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, whilst stimulating the growth of new cells. It's ideal as a day cream. 胎盘面霜一直以其品质和独特的配方。使面霜吸收度更为理想并减少细纹和皱纹,同时刺激新细胞的生长。适合所有肤质的日霜。

  • Containing aloe-vera extract, which cools and calms the sensitive eye area, reduced the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Added Vitamin E helps to reduced wrinkles and fine lines. 含丰富芦荟提取物,有效舒缓镇静敏感的眼部区域,减轻眼部浮肿和黑眼圈。其丰富维生素E有助于减少眼部皱纹和细纹。

  • A delicate blend of essential oils, evening primrose oil and Vitamin E. This oil will stimulates new cell production and increases blood circulation. • Nourishing oil for dry skin and hair • Excellent as body massage oil • Vitamin E & EPO helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles & scars...

  • A gentle lip balm rich in emollients that soothes dry and peeling lips. Contains sunscreen for added protection and a gorgeous apricot scented • Added sunscreen to protect the lips • Helps to moisture cracked lips • Lovely apricot fragrance 温和的润唇膏含有丰富的润肤剂有效舒缓并滋润干燥脱皮的嘴唇,同时提供额外的防晒保护与自然的杏仁香味       

  • Rebirth Placenta Rose Moisturising Cream is enriched with sheep placenta extract which helps replenish and firm the skin, whilst rose essential oil promotes cell renewal. It is a lightweight moisturiser that instantly hydrates and nourishes the skin without feeling greasy, leaving the skin silky, smooth and youthful....

  • Rebirth Placenta argan Oil Moisturising Soap is formulated with Pure Australian Sheep Placenta Extract and Argan Oil. This new and unique soap is full of beneficial nutrients that stimulate skin cell renewal and nourish dehydrated skin.  摩洛哥坚果胎盘油润肤皂,制定了一套纯澳洲羊胎素和坚果油。这种独特的肥皂含有胎盘的营养成分,有效刺激皮肤细胞的更新和滋养缺水的肌肤,提亮肤色。坚果油内大量的维生素E和脂肪酸可长效保湿,维持肌肤滋润与光泽。

  • Advanced Placenta Concentrate is an exceptional cream containing a unique blend of rich nutrients, vitamins and emollients including concentrated placenta protein, squalene, Vitamin E and liposomes that revive the skin. Use as a day cream, suitable for ageing skin. 高级羊胎素浓缩液含有丰富的营养物质,维生素E和润肤剂包括浓缩胎盘蛋白,角鲨烯,有效抚平细纹,减少皱纹,紧实并预防肌肤老化,同时保持肌肤滋润光泽。使用作为日霜,尤其适用于老化皮肤。

  • A skin serum containing concentrated pure and natural placenta extract derived from sheep. Placenta extract is a rich source of bioactive nutrients providing intense hydration whilst firming the skin and diminishing age spots and pigmentation.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items