• A peeling foot and heel mask that transforms your feet from rough and tough to super soft and smooth.  优秀去角质效果的特制脚膜,可直接软化足部角质而无需摩擦,同时为足部提供养份、保湿、与修护作用,使脚部变得湿润。

  • Gentle exfoliating gel enriched with Seaweed Extract, it works to remove dead skin cells while balance skin‘s natural pH, leaving skin hydrated, refreshed and smooth.  Suitable for all skin type. 

  • The rich and fine Oxygen bubble contain the natural enzyme of pineapple and rice brane extract, effectively soften and remove dead skin cell without irritation, while green tea and witch hazel extract soothing and tighten the skin.   丰富精细的氧气泡含有菠萝和米糠提取物的天然酶,有效地软化和去除死皮细胞而不刺激,而绿茶和金缕梅提取物舒缓并紧致肌肤。  

  • Effectively removes dead skin and dirts, it makes skin smooth and healthy.有效去除死皮和污垢,使皮肤光滑和健康。

  • Effectively deep cleans and remove dead skin , impurities, control sebum , help soothethe skin , especially for oily skin and blemishes skin 无刺激地清洁和去除暗沉的老化角质,深层清洁皮肤杂质,帮助舒缓肌肤和控制皮脂分泌,尤其适合油性瑕疵的肌肤。

  • Exfoliating cleansing Cotton +moisturizing Mask promotes skin metabolism and nourishing, keeps skin healthy, smoothed and brighter. 角质洁肤棉结合保湿面膜促进皮肤新陈代谢, 改善皮肤粗糙,使皮肤保湿和亮白。

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